Delivering topical, insightful, relevant and inspiring content

Biz Pointz TVTM, Podcast and Radio Show

Delivering topical, insightful, relevant and inspiring content

Biz Pointz TVTM, Podcast and Radio Show

by E. Kortkamp

Biz Pointz TV™ provides relevant information, guidance and mentorship for small businesses. Hosted by Larry Kortkamp, founding partner at The Kortkamp Group, each episode introduces viewers to industry experts covering popular, insightful, motivational, and trending topics.

Biz Pointz TV™ makes it easy to see how technology applies to small business and how to leverage it to streamline processes and improve productivity.

Expand how you think about your business with new and better ways to manage, market, and maximize all you’re doing already. Get inspired to imagine the possibilities.

To be a guest or advertise on Biz Pointz TV™, contact Larry at [email protected] or Call: 972-824-8002 TODAY.

Biz Pointz TV™ is produced by OffBeat Business Media for the OBBM Network, available in the OffBeat Business App, Apple Podcasts, Roku, and Fire TV

Episode 1: How to Seek Mentors and Advice With Leigh Barnes

Meet Leigh Barnes, business expert and powerhouse entrepreneur, and known as The Edge in circles across America. Leigh talks with Biz Pointz TV Host Larry Kortkamp about her forays into successful business from the young age of 9. Everyone goes into business with a passion and fire, but at some point the roller coaster ride becomes less fun. Leigh made a commitment to herself that when the day comes that she hates or dreads going in to work, it’s the day the ride is over.

Episode 2 Develop a Security Framework For Growth

Biz Pointz Host Larry Kortkamp and cyber-security expert Maria Scarmardo, co-owner and CMO with VITECH Security Group, discuss the need to develop a security framework for growth in today’s local business space. Local businesses present vulnerabilities that are now easier and more affordable to resolve than most realize. Looking at security as a part of a solid business plan is a great way to incorporate growth strategies that can otherwise feel overwhelming to implement.

Larry Kortkamp is an experienced leadership, management, operations and sales professional successful at developing and implementing strategies that produce results and increase bottom line earnings, and he is adept at analyzing, streamlining and improving businesses through tested and proven techniques. He is passionate about business and entrepreneurship, learning about new trends, and keeping up to date with technology. His interest for all things business related recently inspired him to launch Biz Pointz TV, Podcast and Radio show.  The mission of Biz Pointz is all about collaboration: bringing together people that have a similar vision to help and support small business, building a community of people that hold similar values and ideals, and creating a platform to easily share relevant and impactful information. Through the show, he meets and interviews new people involved in diverse businesses, discovers and explores new technology, and keeps his audience up to date on business practices that impact their success.