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Providing Professional Small Business Consulting

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The Kortkamp Group, along with our affiliates, provides consulting and professional services in a myriad of environments and specialties to help your business operate more efficiently.


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We help by addressing and analyzing the issues that arise, by uncovering the facts relating to them, and by employing and implementing systems and processes to correct and rectify them so your business operates more efficiently and your resources are being used correctly.


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Our experienced team is comprised of professionals across a wide spectrum of disciplines and are well versed in business. We can help in areas of management, sales, IT, security, operations, logistics, and fulfillment.


Delivering Results to Transform Your Business.
Providing companies with sales strategy solutions to improve sales performance, and sales strategy solutions to provide a competitive sales advantage.

No matter what service or solution you require, or how small or large the job is, we work closely with you to align with your vision and to make certain objectives are being met.


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Our mission is to simplify processes and improve business practices by removing challenges and barriers that hinder growth.




The Kortkamp Group, along with its affiliate partners, provides front-end and back-end consulting services and professional support for better organizational alignment.


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Biz Pointz TV™ provides relevant information, guidance and mentorship for small businesses. Hosted by Larry Kortkamp, founding partner at The Kortkamp Group.


Key Benefits

All businesses face struggles or growing pains at one time or another, and it can be challenging focusing on them when your business and customers require your attention in other areas.  At The Kortkamp Group, we provide the vehicle to address your concerns and the added assistance so you can focus on key initiatives.  We work closely with you to enhance your business, facilitate change, remove bottlenecks, and deliver solutions to optimize results.

We work with a variety of businesses from start-ups to mid-size across a multitude of markets and industries.  Some of our recent projects include retail & e-commerce, key account sales, training, market analysis and report writing.

Our experienced team has over 30 years working in their respective specialties.

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By providing value and results from years of knowledge and experience, and by incorporating proven techniques and processes into your established business or start-up.

We help optimize your business by removing hurdles that cause operational inefficiencies.


We understand that before you can implement change, you must first understand the problem.  Only after thorough analysis and fact-finding will we provide our recommendations.


We employ and integrate solutions and techniques for improved organizational alignment.

How we have helped some of our recent clients.

“Thank you for your attention to detail and quick turn around time on the market analysis report.”

“Your insights and recommendations for our sales team were very helpful and provided us with the retail direction we needed for our new product.”

“I appreciate you helping us add social media marketing options to our existing website. You saved us time and money and pointed us in the right direction.”


We Deliver Results Through Improved Maximization of Resources and Assets.

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    To simplify processes by removing challenges and barriers that hinder growth.